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blubon02.jpg (116264 bytes)These photos
were taken at
the 1999 Spring
Wagon Train
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This series was taken at the spring 1998 TFWTA ride on the C-Bar Ranch.


Wagon Train Places

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The Wagon Train crosses a green pasture.


The folks in Turkey commemorated our passing in '86

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A narrow bridge without railings require steady hands and calm livestock.

Several of the authentic wagons parked together

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Indian Hot Springs, near El Paso - Some rough country!
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The "Texas Wagon" from the '86 ride, restored.



A Variety of old photos representing the early American Pioneer life.
Hard to see, but this is an old wagon train.

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The remnants of a wreck.

Looks like the horses
know the way.

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A road cart for a gentleman.

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Ma, Pa, and all the kids are well outfitted.

The kiddos waiting
in the wagon.

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