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Oil Patch Photos
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Transocean Richardson 

Diamond Offshore Semi-submersible rig in the Gulf of Mexico

Bell 412 landing for 
crew change.

North Sea rig as viewed from stand-by boat.

Derrick barge, Spar platform, and Semi-submersible drilling rig on Oryx Energy project in the Gulf of Mexico

Sunrise, Gulf of Mexico
The derrick of GMDC's 
Arctic I Semi-Submersible


Bell 412 departing the 
of the R&B Falcon rig,
C. Kirk Rhein, Jr. on the coldest day of the year

Hibernia production platform being towed to location

Crew boat unloading cargo onto a semi-submersible.

The Ramform Valiant, a deepwater research vessel doing seismograph surveys

Glomar Arctic One at night in the Gulf of Mexico.

A Navy EA-6B Prowler flying over the flare of a Persian Gulf well.

Marlem Sul platform.
A Petrobras project.
Campos Basin, South America

Conoco's Banff prospect
in the North Sea. The rig is flaring through the boom and the gas buster.

Shell's Ram Powell
project in the
Gulf of Mexico.
A Tension Leg drilling
and production facility

Statoil's Asgard
North Sea Project
flaring off gas

The Njord PDQ

A two derrick rig under tow.

The Stena Apache pipe laying barge used on Conoco's MacCulloch (North Sea) project.

The Dunbar drilling/production platform in the North Sea

Twilight in the North Sea

Training to fight an offshore helicopter fire.

The Ekofish project
during plug and
abandon operations

British Borneo's West Morpeth project,
Gulf of Mexico

Many drilling rigs, ships and offshore production facilities have medics aboard in case of emergency and for minor care. These medics work as physician extenders, providing both clinical and emergency medicine. They work solo and must be capable of handling everything from STDs and minor wounds to major trauma and medical.

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