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Ol' Red Gets a cool drink from the San Saba after a long day trailriding.

    The photos on this page come from a variety of sources. Some I took myself, others were given to me by friends, some from other WebPages. If you wish to have a photo included, send it to me by email, or, if you don't have scanning capabilities, snail mail the photo and I will scan it in. These photos will change as often as I have new ones to take their place and time to do the work.

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Spring Texas Friendship
Wagon Train ride

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Mule cutting cattle. Mules can do it!
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Which way did they go?
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Mules are for kids, too!
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Hogg Jones on a goat-chasin' mule
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Ole' Red Ass and a pretty lady
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Kate & Allie, or is it Allie & Kate?
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Pam & Paula, the best team I've ever owned.
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Kate & Allie in harness
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I'd like to know what he sees!


Rudolpho Brown with Beck,
Dinah, and Jude, plowing a
cotton field. Circa late 1800's

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